The White Lodge Pub in Attleborough, Norfolk

white-lodge-origIt’s been a busy year so far and one of the properties we are extremely pleased with is the White Lodge pub in Attleborough.

This Grade II listed pub has been in need of complete re thatching for a few years now and as I’m sure you can agree the replacement thatch has breathed a new lease of life in this 15th century pub.

The White Lodge building dates from the 15th century. Listed as at Hargham in S&P document covering the years November 1837 to November 1851.

The property was described as a Freehouse first supplied in 1837/1838.

Elizabeth Precious married Charles Riches in 1839, Riches was given as a Farmer at Hargham in 1841 and as a farmer at West Carr in 1851. In 1854 he was given a beerhouse, most likely to have beenb the White Lodge Pub.