Special Touches

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Goose created by the Straw Store

Each of our designs are built using imported reed for it’s superior length and strength which gives a finer finish than English reed.

For those clients who are looking for those extra special little touches to help personalise their new thatched roof well we may have just the thing for you.

We have a close working relationship with straw animal specialists The Straw Store. They can provide you with almost any request you make. From local wildlife to the more exotic of creatures from around the globe.
Take a look through the slider above and check out some of the examples they have created in the past.

Straw Craft in England was a large part of traditional country life but has taken a back seat for years.

The Straw Store are keeping these old skills alive sourcing old varieties of straw as modern breeds are too short and unsuitable for this type of work. Their range of products will continually grow as we they create more and more amazing pieces and will include traditional designs alongside bespoke and modern interpretations.