Onwards & Upwards



The guys have now moved on to a full thatch replacement of an old pub. First job of course is to get all the scaffold up and prepare the site for the stripping.  As you can see in the 2nd image the old thatch has now been cleared and the guys have begun the fireproofing & insulattion essential on all thatched roofs.

This fit includes the full replacement of all the inner insulation for fireproofing and new battens
First thing to do is to strip the old thatch off ready for the replacement fireproofing & new battens.

after_clean-upLeft you can see the new fireproof insulation & new battons installed, once everything is in place then we thoroughly clean out the loft and any debris from the installation.

Below: The new thatch is now being built up over the windows and you can see the new roof really taking shape.

Bottom: Making the most of the winter sunshine makes the guys long for summer, winter can be tough when you spend most of the day up in the cold air.