An untreated thatch can gather moss…


moss-onroof-2A thatch roof infested with moss can be a real problem causing drainage and insulation issues and rotting your thatch roof.

This thatch roof was covered in extensively in large patches of moss and in desperate need of replacement. One side of this roof is covered in moss while the other is suffering from general wear & tear that comes with an aged thatch roof from weather and wildlife.

thatch-repairsWith the scaffold in place then the top layer of thatch and moss can be removed and treated to prevent further growth and prevent any further growth of moss.

Below on the backside of the roof you can see where a layer of thatch has been removed to reveal a clean layer of thatch upon which a new reed layer will be added and bring the thatch depth back up to acceptabel standards to allow for good insulation and drainage. You can see the new layer already being added to the opposite side of the roof.

rethatch-combed-wheat-reed-finishedAt the bottom you can see the completed renovation with just the scaffolding to be removed.