Week 1

Welcome to the first proper installment of our Blog page. Hopefully over the coming months you will get a taste of the life of a Master Thatcher. It’s not all Ploughmans & Straw hats I’m afraid and at this time of the year when builders and ground workers run for their van at the first drop of rain we carry on regardless of the weather. With deadlines to meet and bookings to adhere to we have to carry on except in the most serious of conditions. So get used to seeing snowy roof tops and wind and rain strewn images of the guys working hard.

Last week was a busy one. We completed the ridge replacement in Bedfordshire and have since moved on to another ridge repair & replacement. Take a look at the 2 contrasting images below of the thatch when we turned up to know how we have replaced and rejuvenated the cottage. Before leaving Bedford we were lucky to see some stunning views with a beautiful winter morning last Thursday providing miles and miles of open views across the Bedfordshire countryside. It’s not the warmest of jobs in the world but with views like these you don’t miss a desk job.


Working on a roof all day has an element of danger to it and you have to keep your wits about you. It’s a long drop and more often than not your likely to end up falling on something that will impale you. Once again the risks of injury are often far out weighed by the East Anglia views. The fens maybe flat but it can be incredibly beautiful and it’s incredible how far you can see on a clear sunny day over the English country side.beautiful-bedfordshire

ridge-rep-frosty-morningSo it’s on to the next job and it’s another ridge repair & replacement with a few other small requirements. It’s amazing how beautiful a frost can make a roof look in the morning. Trust me though you soon forget the beauty as every last molecule of heat is drawn out of your body each time you touch something. I suppose everything has it’s pitfalls.

Finally this week saw all the guys attend our annual Christmas lunch, a proper culinary delight of the local indian saw some of the guys tucking in to a hot curry and many of which breaking out in to the chilli sweats. Lets just say sharing the same van on friday morning wasn’t exactly the most pleasant of wake up calls.

Till next time.